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Our courses will inspire your photographic journey whatever your level of experience or camera gear you have - DSLR, mirrorless, quality compact or smartphone

  • Step-by-step guides to master your hobby or to become a professional photographer
  • Specialised courses in 15 photographic genres
  • Mentoring and tutoring from two professional working photographers with over 40 years of combined experience
  • Amazing images to inspire you across a broad range of topics
  • Optional assignments or projects along the way to help you learn and to build your portfolio
  • Work at your own pace, in your own time, any place, anywhere
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Varieties of DSLR, mirrorless, smartphone, compacts & drones catered for
Pages in the Complete Pro Course, less in the other courses. In-depth yet easy to understand
Tap into 40 years experience with our professional mentors
  • Complete Professional Photography Course
    Complete Professional Photography Course
    $690 (30% discount - reduced from $990)

    ■ A clear path for the entry-level to advanced
    ■ Become an all-rounder hobbyist or a part or full-time professional photographer
    ■ Learn to shoot creative images across a wide range of photographic genres - landscapes, people, weddings, food & drinks, travel, action & sports, wildlife & nature, pets, smartphones plus more
    ■ Camera gear & settings for each photography genre
    ■ Composition, streamlining your workflow & ideas for future directions
    ■ 15 creative, fun assignments for compiling a fabulous photography portfolio

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  • Real Estate & Architectural Photography Course
    Real Estate & Architectural Photography Course
    $490 (30% discount - reduced from $690)

    ■ A clear path for the amateur to the semi-pro - anyone can do this course
    ■ Gain the specialist skills to become a professional real estate & architectural photographer
    ■ Easy learning anytime, anywhere at your own pace
    ■ Specific camera settings for real estate & architecture
    ■ What lenses, when to use flash, when is a tripod needed & the use of drones
    ■ Learn to shoot creative interiors & exteriors
    ■ How to balance internal & external light
    ■ Learn composition & attention to detail
    ■ How to streamline your workflow & to shoot accurately
    ■ Best ways to edit and export your images
    ■ The Ideal opportunity for building your portfolio
    ■ We cover stills, 360 degrees, floor plans, video and drones
    ■ 15 optional assignments can be executed in any accommodation environment

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  • Food & Drink Photography Course
    Food & Drink Photography Course
    $190 (35% discount - reduced from $290)

    ■ Learn to take great food and drink shots without the luxury of working with a food & wine stylist
    ■ Focus on the right gear, including smartphones, on the best cameras, lenses and set ups
    ■ Look at food provenance & preparation, the light, colour, backgrounds, props & using motion in your images
    ■ Case examples from the great food regions from the world - Indian, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Western, wineries, distilleries & more
    ■ Tips and tricks for great food & drink images
    ■ 10 creative projects to enhance your food & drink photography portfolio
    ■ Best ways to edit and export your images

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  • Action & Sports Photography Course
    Action & Sports Photography Course

    ■ Learn the tips and tricks to capture action & motion in dynamic & fast moving sports & action scenarios
    ■ Positioning yourself in the right place at the right time
    ■ Camera & lens gear requirements
    ■ How to achieve fast focusing, good burst speeds & accurate metering
    ■ Dealing with changing light & compositions
    ■ How to freeze the motion & to show blur
    ■ Case examples across many sporting fields including water sports, rodeos & skiing
    ■ 10 practical projects to hone your skills

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  • Travel Photography Course
    Travel Photography Course
    $490 (30% discount - reduced from $690)

    ■ “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” A good enough reason to get our 705 pages of travel inspiration!
    ■ An 'all rounder' course for any traveller who wishes to learn real life shooting skills before or on the road
    ■ A wide variety of photography genres - landscapes, portraits, local culture, history, nature, wildlife, architecture, food, wine & about telling stories
    ■ Where, when and how to go, what to shoot & what camera gear to take
    ■ Practical advice on street etiquette, back up and storage & insurance
    ■ Tips on travel experiences & destinations - skiing, boating, cruising, trekking, wildlife safaris, the Outback, Europe, polar regions, deserts, culture & lots more
    ■ Created by accredited AIPP professional photographers Serena Pearce & Andrew Thomasson

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  • Beginners Photography Course
    Beginners Photography Course
    $270 (30% discount - reduced from $390)

    ■ Simple to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to shoot off the 'Auto' setting
    ■ Learn the fundamentals of digital imaging, of handling light and the art of composition
    ■ How to get the best out of your DLSR, mirrorless or compact camera with manual controls
    ■ What lenses are best for what scenarios
    ■ When and how to use flash
    ■ How to shoot people, action, landscapes, street photography, buildings, in low light & much more
    ■ 15 practical projects to train your eye to paint light onto a subject, how to achieve the right lens perspective and to control the creative process

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  • Wildlife & Nature Photography Course
    Wildlife & Nature Photography Course

    ■ Ideal for anyone who loves the natural world
    ■ Learn skills to shoot flora, fauna & birds
    ■ Improve your technique whilst creating a fabulous nature photography portfolio
    ■ Great wildlife and nature destinations
    ■ The importance of the right gear, to know your subject, the best time of day & year & choosing particular wildlife seasons & migrations
    ■ Learn different techniques when shooting from boats, vehicles & on foot
    ■ The use of aerial shots & drones, zoo photography, nature, wildflowers
    ■ Tips and tricks & 10 projects to hone your skills

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  • Smartphone for Fun Photography Course
    Smartphone for Fun Photography Course

    ■ Learn to get the best out of the smartphone camera
    ■ We show you how to shoot landscapes, street scenes, portraits, products & food & drink
    ■ How to adjust exposure, focus & creative composition
    ■ Fantastic, practical apps to turn your smartphone into a pro camera
    ■ In-phone editing, filters, white balance, aspect ratios, high dynamic range (HDR), panos , slo-mo, video, selfies & lots more
    ■ How to upload to social media & share your images via platforms like Facebook & Instagram
    ■ Both Android & iPhones & accessories are covered

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  • Smartphone for Business Photography Course
    Smartphone for Business Photography Course

    ■ Designed for those who want to learn how to take great commercial quality images on their smartphone
    ■ How to use pro camera apps, (RAW & ISO adjustment), add on lens, camera stabilisation & external lighting units
    ■ Creative composition is a must and is covered extensively in this course
    ■ Learn about using your smartphone to take real estate & architectural photos, macro, agricultural, forensic, clinical, medical, dental, industrial, food & wine, products, corporate portraits & more
    ■ Create great content for social media, printed matter & websites

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  • Twilight & Night Photography Course
    Twilight & Night Photography Course

    ■ Learn how to take photos of the dawn, twilight & the night sky
    ■ Find out how to paint with light, to starburst light & select the correct camera settings for twilight & night photography
    ■ Discover shooting techniques - how to use RAW, ISO, white balance, shutter speed & aperture settings
    ■ Compositional tricks - star bursting, balancing ambient light with flash, zooming, light trails
    ■ Learn about the best camera gear - tripods, lenses, using mirror lockup & self timer
    ■ How to shoot cities at night, silhouettes, fireworks, stars & capturing the Northern Lights

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  • Landscape Photography Course
    Landscape Photography Course

    ■ How to craft great landscape images through sound technique, creativity & using the best light, season & weather conditions
    ■ Learn about the best gear including drones
    ■ What are the best camera settings for differing landscape scenarios
    ■ We profile the worlds great deserts, mountains, tropics, waterfalls, seascapes & cityscapes
    ■ We focus on the detailed analysis of the landscapes of Namibia, Iran, Iceland, Brazil, The Himalaya, the Alps, the Outback, Australian seascapes & some of the world's most interesting cityscapes
    ■ Plenty of practical tips & tricks & 10 projects to hone your skills

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  • Pet Photography Course
    Pet Photography Course

    ■ This course is perfect for lovers of pets
    ■ It covers the gear and technique needed to take great shots
    ■ We help you to train your eye to capture the action using varying depth of fields, shutter speeds, freezing & capturing motion
    ■ Learn about using the right light & composition to create a great image
    ■ Tips & tricks about how to get the best out of your furry friend - whether that's a dog, cat, guinea pig, rabbit, horse or axolotl
    ■ We also cover smartphones - great for capturing action, slo-mo and short video clips
    ■ Tips and tricks & 10 projects to hone your skills

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  •  People and Portrait Photography Course
    People and Portrait Photography Course

    ■ Learn how to photograph people in a wide range of situations & environments
    ■ We show you how to get control of light, how to read the body language & the importance of establishing a rapport with your subject
    ■ From candid to formal, reportage or environmental, how to shoot groups, friends, people on the street
    ■ Learn how shoot stylised or formal, paparazzi style, outdoors, travelling, in a studio or just a selfie
    ■ This course includes fashion & formal, kids, families, nude, boudoir & corporate portraiture
    ■ There is a strong emphasis on camera gear, lenses & accessories including smartphones & drones
    ■ Real case examples from commercial shoots, travel & family are used to inspire & educate you
    ■ 15 assignments will result in a comprehensive portfolio of people images

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  • Business & Commercial Photography Course
    Business & Commercial Photography Course

    ■ This course covers all the specialised techniques to take quality images for a business or commercial scenario
    ■ All cameras are included - DLSR’s, mirrorless, compacts, smartphones & drones
    ■ The course content draws from real case scenarios selected from the 1000's of commercial assignments shot by the authors
    ■ You will learn all the techniques, tips & tricks for shooting real estate & architectural photography, portraiture, tourism (ie cruise lines & international hotel chains), fashion, aerial, products, conferences & conventions, agricultural, scientific, medical, dental, industrial, food & wine, small business and corporate
    ■ Learn the art & science of creating great content for blogging, social media, printed matter & websites

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  • Wedding Photography Course
    Wedding Photography Course

    ■ An essential course for aspiring wedding photographers
    ■ Learn how to capture beautiful, romantic & fun images at every wedding
    ■ The course includes expert advice from Andrew & Serena (who between them have shot over 1860 weddings across the globe) on the best gear, shooting techniques, portraiture styles, shooting detail, how to quote, creating wedding packages, adding value & post production editing
    ■ You will learn about people skills, being able to work under pressure, to handle any scenario, any weather, to be versatile, flexible, adaptable, personable, engaging & well organised
    ■ Different styles of weddings are all covered whether it's a beach, a formal church wedding or a small, intimate restaurant affair

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