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Our Photography Space blogs are intended as a resource for lovers of everything in photography. Its purpose is to provide photography tips, ideas for you to think about and encouragement on creativity. It is a mix of original material, links and reposted material, and guest bloggers. Our blog posts create content that people can share on our social networks - Facebook and Instagram. Welcome to our blogging space.

  • How to Prepare a Property for Real Estate or Rental Photography
    How to Prepare a Property for Real Estate or Rental Photography
    Jan 2020

    Having photographed properties for sale or rental on a daily basis for over 10 years the one thing that has set me and the real estate agents I work for apart from our competitors is the attention to detail that we expect (and even demand) in getting a property ready before the photos are taken. Real estate and property management photography is not rocket science ... we have trained many people in our on-location and on-line real estate and architectural photography courses in how to get the best photos - what lenses, what camera settings, how to streamline your workflow both on the job and in post-production - but once you are at a property it is the little things that make the difference. Here is a step-by-step process to save both you, the agent and the vendor time on the day ...

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  • Drone Photography for Real Estate - In 6 Easy Steps
    Drone Photography for Real Estate - In 6 Easy Steps
    Oct 2019

    As a professional real estate photographer for the past 10 years in the exclusive coastal western suburbs of Perth, Western Australia I decided to invest in a DJI Phantom 4 drone in mid 2017. I figured that I could add this to my 'tools of my trade' but also as I was inspired by the beautiful abstract landscape aerial photography of Richard Woldendorp. After registering with CASA, getting the required public liability insurance (adding another $500 to my insurances) and insuring the drone itself (only an extra $34) I proceeded to up skill myself in everything drone related - the DJI website (with its rather good looking presenter Ty) was a good place to start - This paid off very quickly and now, two years later, my business is a "one-stop-shop" supplying still images, floor plans and drone stills & video for the real estate industry.
    I will show you in 6 easy steps below how you can achieve the same outcome.

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  • Writing a travel blog
    Writing a travel blog
    Sep 2019

    I am the someone who got the travel bug over 40 years ago after travelling overseas for the first time to Europe with my grandmother. Coming from Perth, Western Australia - the most isolated city in the world - travelling long distances (like a 20 hr flight) is not a big deal ... hence since then I have been to many & varied countries including Mexico, Cuba, India, Morocco, Namibia, Egypt, Japan, Israel, Vietnam, Iran, Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan ... to name a few. When my conservative accountant suggested that, as a professional photographer, that I could claim my trips as a tax deduction if I wrote a daily "diary" and took lots of photos it was like a "light bulb moment". Bring on the annual adventure !!

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  • How to photograph boats
    How to photograph boats
    Sep 2019

    If you know how to shoot real estate, architecture & interiors you will know how to shoot boats - that's how I got into this fun genre of photography. I had all the gear - a full frame camera, a 16-35mm wide angle lens for internal spaces, a 24-105mm lens for the detail shots and a 70-300mm for the external "fly-by" shots of the boats exteriors. A sturdy tripod is also a must plus the ability to fit into small spaces! I had already proved myself in the world of shooting interiors & exteriors of beautiful homes and commercial spaces so this was an easy segue.

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